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Mounting an animal

Preparatenshop has good contacts with very good taxidermists in the Netherlands and abroad. We do not prepare ourselves.


Have you found an animal or would you like to have your (pet) animal set up? We can help you find a taxidermist. 

There are a few things to take into account if you would like to have a pet or found animal prepared.

What to do with a found animal or deceased pet?

If it concerns your own pet; first of all, we're very sorry for your loss! It is always terrible to lose a precious pet.

See if it is possible to store the pet in a plastic bag in the freezer. This may be possible with your vet.


If you have found a bird or animal outside during a walk, for example, then it is important to check whether the animal is unfortunately not too far in decomposition. Place the animal in a plastic bag in a freezer to prevent further decomposition and damage.

How does his work continue?

Since January 1, 2017, it is no longer mandatory to go to the police station to report the deceased animal. However, especially for birds, markings are required to be able to prepare and sell the animal. The taxidermist in question will often take care of this himself. The taxidermist will ask in which position you want the bird or animal, and you may also be advised in this.

Keep in mind that waiting times can increase due to possible waiting time at the preparers. Making a taxidermy piece takes all their attention and time. 

In addition to the waiting time, the prices can vary greatly in type, size and rarity. A price is in agreement with the taxidermist. We have no influence on this.

Do you have other questions about having an animal mounted? Feel free to contact us! Do you have questions about purchasing? Check out our 'Buy your collection' page


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